What we do:

We provide the highest quality kids party entertainers, with authentic movie quality costumes, at exceptional prices!
We specialise In Superhero and Princess costumes for kids birthday parties, within the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay area's. 

Our packages include interactive games, dramatic performances, disco, mini concert with prop's, art n craft, obstacle courses and much more! Your performer's "Tom and Bec" have both the experience and qualifications in the performance industry of children's theatre.
We have designed and variety of party packages that combines a selection of unique games, creativity and imagination, that will have the kids burning up all their energy to make it easier for the parents!

This business was started because we are passionate about It, and when It comes to entertaining kids, passion is everything. 
The Idea came to us when we made the obvious connection between our love for performing and our obsession with favourite childhood figures (Superheroes for Tom and Princesses for Bec), The Idea of bringing our favourite characters to life for children seemed to good to be true.
We hope that you allow us to perform for your kids birthday party, and show you our passion for making children smile!


Please note that whilst we aim to please all children, we have a strict age range of: years 3-8. Any children having their birthday outside of this age range won't be eligible for our services.

We limit our packages for no more than 15 children per booking. If you have more children than this attending then their may be additional charges. 

Multiple age groups attending a party (e.g, siblings, cousins, family, etc) is accepted, we usually give the older kids (over 8 yrs) a Superhero or Princess "Helping hand" or "Assistant" job in which they can help coordinate activities.
Please be mindful if there is too much age difference in the party this can make things quite difficult so its best to keep the ages as similar as possible.